There are an endless number of issues that our community faces.  These issues are my priorities.  I welcome your input on the direction of the City of Sugar Land, or your concerns about District 2.

The safety of our citizens is paramount in all that we do.  Making sure Sugar Land has the resources to continue to be one of the safest cities in the United States.  Mobility is making sure we can get where we need to in a timely manner.  We have three highways and the railroad that are part of Sugar Land, we need to be thinking about our future now.  The economic vitality that Sugar Land has enjoyed has been the result of planning that has attracted businesses of all sizes.  We need to sustain this growth for Sugar Land.  Finally, Quality of Life - from our quiet neighborhoods, parks and good schools.  These are the things that attracted us here, it's important to preserve what we have built.

Public Safety


Economic Development

Quality of Life

Your Vote is Your Voice

Early Voting

April 22 through 
April 30

Election Day

May 4, 2019